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Mariya featured in Oxygen magazine 2011

Mariya has been training for 25 years (since 1987), she also has competed in Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness model, Bikini Diva locally and internationally around Europe, Australia, USA and is happy to help others with their fitness goals and share her knowledge and experience. Mariya has a Bachelor Degree in Sports science and human movement as well as certifications from various internationally recognised organisations including INBA Bodybuilding and contest preparation coach certificate
 Mariya has worked with elite athletes, bodybuilders, models as well as general population people. Her 20 years of experience as professional and trainer as well as competitor and ecuation will guarantee you achieved results in a fun and friendly environment. Mariya’s passion for fitness brought her in different countries and continents, with different cultures and trends. She has worked in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia and recently added few tours to USA as well!Mariya is also accredited and published fitness Photographer, her work is featured in fitness magazines like Oxygen, Iron Man, Women's Health and Fitness and her own online magazine as well.

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