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Photography Client testimonials

"There is a submlime quality to Mariya's work, which is devoid of any gimmicks or camera tricks instead the intention of her photography is always clear - that is to capture the very essence of the subject and delivers a product that can be admired and appreciated by all.  A viewer's eyes benefits from a profoundly deep experience, with her use of colour, contrast, structure and placement; her style reminiscent of Swedish minimalism - her work is simply unforgettable.  Mariya is an esteemed competitor in fitness, figure and swimwear modelling thus making her more of an industry auter than other photographers.  It is no wonder, her expertise is highly sought after and greatly valued." (Vance Ang, Sports Journalist - Australian IRONMAN Magazine)

IRON MAN MAGAZINE ISSUE 5, 2011 Framing the Physique
Former figure competitor Mariya Mova will be the event photographer for the highly anticipated 2011 INBA All Female Muscle and Fitness Classic on July 2. Having made a name for herself as both a figure and glamour competitor in various federations (including the 2009 Olympia) the lovely Mariya Mova has now stepped behind the camera and graces industry with exceptional photographic quality, which has featured within the pages of this very magazine. As an ex-competitor herself, both here and overseas, Mariya's photographic work reflects her sense of style and captures the true essence of her subjects. It is no wonder that Mariya has quickly risen up through the industry ranks and become a much sought- after photographer. Vance Ang'le corner, Sports Journalist - Australian IRONMAN Magazine

"With the unique perspective of a figure competitor and model herself, Mariya Mova possesses the rare gift of also being a profoundly gifted photographer. Her ability to capture the fine aesthetics of both her subject's physique and personality on film - and her easy going manner - make working with her a whole lot of fun and produces the legacy of some truly jaw-dropping images. Her talent is extraordinary, and I can only hope to be fortunate enough to work with her again in the future." Christian Lawrence

"Mariya Mova will make you feel confortable from the first eye-contact you make with her. She is professional and creative. One of my favourite and popular pieces have been taken by Mariya. She won't complete a shoot untill you are satisfied. I definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a photographer." Aksoy Ismail

"Mariya, Thanks again for the photoshoot, it was great and I love the pics you put on Facebook. I’ve had lots of positive feedback, and a few were interested in getting some shots done with you!! so thats good u might get some more business. I’ve also had a few people message me saying the photos have inspired them to get fit and healthy etc, so its really turned out to be something positive… To be able inspire and motivate people to train and look after themselves is wonderful." 
April Grenfell

"Just picked up my photos! Thanks again to Mariya Mova for a wonderful photo shoot and a very enjoyable experience. It was a great day & the images are awesome." Barbara Whitehurst